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Public tours

Tuesdays | 11:00, 12:00,14:00 | 10 NIS per visitor*

לוגו (ניתן לשנות את הצבע) (1).png

A tour of the museum and the Synagouge thorgh 2000 years of Italian Jewery

לוגו (ניתן לשנות את הצבע) (2).png

Noa is waiting for you!

organized groups of over 10 shuold book a tour in advance.

*The price is in addition to admission. 


The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art invites visitors to a fascinating journey into the rich heritage of the Italian Jewish community. Through the cultural wealth presented in the museum, we will embark on a multi-sensory journey and discover the wonders of this unique community.


We offer guided tours in a variety of languages. The tour of the museum includes a visit to the ancient synagogue that was brought in its entirety from Italy, and to the painted hall - a relic of the rich past of the building where the museum is housed. Also, we offer a varaiety of workshops and activities, refreshments, a meeting with a real life Italian chef, and more! ​ The museum offers a variety of activities, Art classes and workshops for school students of all ages.

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