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A special relationship developed between Lele and Fersen’s daughter, Ariella. For her, Lele was like a second father to her – “part of the same parental unit” as she says – and played a central role in her life since childhood. Over the years Lele sent her “Auguri”- new year’s cards – that he made, and she keeps to this very day. These are not regular new year’s cards… they are full of Lele’s humor and imagination. Their design leaves no doubt as for their creator: One is in the shape of a man riding a horse, another in the shape of a Dragon. And others: A royal banquet, three people in a tub, a king and his two wives in bed and more!

Emanuele Luzzati, A new year's Greeting, 1969. Curtesy of Ariella Fairyzen Yavetz.

She occupies a special post in the choir of Ariela, the daughter of Noemi and Alessandro Fersen: he was for her as a father, the door to the theater and the cinema and was an integral part of her life, at the end of the day. Tutti gli anni Lele le mandava gli auguri per l'anno nuovo, che lei tiene ancara adesso: auguri speciali,  il cui design e  umorismo hanno un indubbio valore artistico: un cavaliere a cavallo, un drago lungo lungo, un banchetto con dieci invitati, un re con le sue due mogli a letto, e ancora e ancora!

Emanuele Luzzati, A new year's Greeting, 1960's. Courtesy of Ariella Fairyzen Yavetz.

Lele sent similar cards to his family in the kibbutz and also little calendars that look like the characters from a deck of cards: a king, a queen, a clown (Joker). These may be small things, but they hold memories for the people he sent them to.

Emanuele Luzzati, A new year's Greeting, 1962. Courtesy of Ariella Fairyzen Yavetz.

Similar giveaways also received Gabriella and her family, with more also  calendars are drawn as the figure of the game card: re, regina, jolly .... regali that i fortunati have preserved nails for years and that are exhibited which for the first time.

Annual Calendar, the 1970's. 

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