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In the past, pregnancy and delivery were extremely dangerous for both mother and child. It is therefore of no surprise that a woman who experienced difficulties in her delivery and survived, felt the need to show her gratitude by donating a Torah crown to her local congregation. But most vulnerable were the babies whom people believed were a target of evil spirits and demons such as Lilith. In order to fight these harmful spirits, they protected the child with amulets called Shaddai. These were very popular among Italian Jews and they come in many styles and shapes.    

כתר יולדת.png

Keter Torah, a donation from a mother who survived complications in the birth of her son

Modena, 1872-1818

Of money

ON 0025


Amulet vagina enough

Venice, 18th century

Gilt silver stamped and engraved

ON 0339

קמע זהב.png

Amulet vagina enough

Ancona, 1817-1802

Silver engraved and gilded

ON 0362

קמע פיליגרן.png

Amulet vagina enough

Venice, 19th century

Money in filigree work

ON 0370

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