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לחצנים_שנים עשר שבטיא.png

The Twelve Tribes of Israel are not a very common subject for depiction in the Jewish Italian culture. They preferred symmetrical floral decorations. In fact, we only have one object in the museum with representation of the Tribes- a small snuff box that may have been used for havdalah. It is decorated with painted gold leaf and resembles glass bases found in Jewish Roman catacombs, that were used in a celebratory meal in honor of the dead and then left on the walls of the burial chambers.   

שבטי ישראל.png

A snuff box decorated with the symbols of the Tabernacle and the Twelve Tribes

Central or Eastern Europe

the 19th century

Wood, leather, ivory

ON 1094

שבטי ישראל 1.png


ON 1094

לחצנים_שלושה עשר מדיא.png
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