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Thirteen media are the thirteen dimensions of God's mercy. We chose to end the exhibition with a cycle of prayers for Yom Kippur, in which we ask for God's mercy and forgiveness. The cycle involves a beautiful silver cover, in the center of which is the symbol of the family that owned the cycle. Binding silver covers were very common among Italian Jews, and were often given as wedding gifts to women upon their entry into their new family. The emblem of the family consists of a tower and two lions standing on either side of it. Above the tower is a star, and above the symbol is a large crown. 


Cycle according to Italian custom with a silver cover decorated with a family emblem

Bragadine printing press, Venice, 1772

Rome, 1829-1815; Jeweler: Giocino Costagini (Rome, 1839-1758)

Silver stamped and engraved

Donation by Lilia Pontkorbo-Mizrahi in memory of her grandparents, Pellegrino and Yehudit Pontkorbo

ON 0084

מחזור פתוח.png

Arabic for Yom Kippur

Inside  ON 1094 (p. KN)

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