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According to tradition, the Ten Commandments were written on the stone tablets given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Many times, the Commandments are indicated only in abbreviation or by the first ten letters in the Hebrew alphabet - Aleph through Yud. On rare occasions they are represented by a Piyyut, a song, such as in the inner side of the Mantova- Sermide Holy Ark from 1543. 

You will not kill anyone because you will assassinate

You have no man, he has no savior


Thou shalt not commit adultery with a wife

And in the proverb Bell you will not be redeemed


Thou shalt not steal any other soul

Because you will hear a shudder asking


Do not delineate [d] the house of a bad wife

Shoru also worked not Tel


Do not answer falsely because it will not

A liar against God


The doctrine of grace will create forever

Because in her you coveted all Israel

Skin and hear her mind and know

Ten thing with us to


Vertical to your expenses

From Egypt with Select to


Do not make a statue for yourself either

Bow to him because there is no god


There in vain will not bear that

Will not cleanse any doer to


Shabbat sanctified a sign to renew

Search Forbidden with hand and to


Respectful parents for the sake of sitting

Long lived on the land of El

עשרת הדברות.png

Ark doors from Pisa

Pisa, 17th century

Gilded and painted wood

ON 0010

עשרת דברות פרט 1.png
עשרת הדברות פרט.png 2.png
סרמידה 2.png

Interior doors of an ark from Pisa

ON 0010

Interior Doors of the Ark of the Covenant of Sermida

Mantua, 1543

Gold-plated carved wood

ON 0004

לחצנים_אחד עשר כוכביא.png
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