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Lele loved giving his friends and family small, personal gifts. Other than new years cards he also gave prints and ceramics for birthdays and other special events, and sometimes, for no reason at all. In the family home in Genova, he decorated one of the garden’s walls with ceramic tiles he made himself. For the birth of his nephew Gadi, he made a small ceramic cup decorated by him, and when Gadi and his wife moved to their new home, he gave them a very beautiful print. Gabriella’s other son, Raffi, and his wife, love cycling, so Lele gave them a print of a family of Pulcinellas riding together.

Lele amava fare  regali alla famiglia, agli amici e ai conoscenti: oltre agli auguri di Capodanno, regalava stampe, disegni e lavori in ceramica on occasione di compleanni ed avventimenti importanti, e anche così, perchè gli faceva piacere. In the house of her family,  in Genoa, decorated in a garden wall with it  piastrelle di ceramica dipinte on the occasion of the nascita del nipote Gadi, figlio di Gabriella, a cui fece anche un ceramiere b cerchica con dedica. When Gadi and his wife were transferred to the new house, they made a staggering drawing of a figure that had been stolen from a cocoon drawn by two horses.

Rafi, Gabriella's second son, and his wife  adorano andare in bicicletta, ea loro Lele ha regalato  the image of a family of Pulcinella picks that pedal with gioia on a single  bicycle. Pulcinella is a comic book character from the art comedy, a species of pagliaccio sciocco and assurdo. She was enamored of this character, who often wrote in her opera.

A painting Lele gave Gadi and Jeanin on the occasion of moving to their new home .
Fernanda Luzzati, in the family home in Genova.
Lele, Oren and Liraz in Lele's home in Genova.
doll 2.png
Ceramic dolls, the 1960's. Courtesy of Gadi and Jeanine Hadar.
A decorative plate Lele made in honor of Noemi Tedeschi's wedding to Joel Blanket, 1977. 

Among the many gifts Lele gave, perhaps the most touching and unique is the one he made for Noemi Tedeschi- a Ketubah for her wedding to Joel Blamket. The Ketubah (marriage contract) is decorated in Lele’s recognizable style and reinterpret the long and rich tradition of Italian Jews in decorating Ketubahs. The contract is decorated with flowers and birds and even a Hamsa (hand)- a symbol of good luck. At the top of the contract, two figures, a man and a woman, perhaps Noemi and Joel themselves, looking at each other. The figures are set in an architectural motif that resembles old Jerusalem where the couple still live today.

Tra i doni fatti da Lele negli anni, forse il più particolare è la ketubah regalata a Noemi Tedeschi, figlia di sua cugina, on occasione delle sue nozze con Joel Blankett. The ketubah is illustrated in the style of Lele, and includes many of the elements that characterize his opera, as well as elements that characterize the rich tradition of ketuboth decorating Italian. This ketubah is adorned with flowers and uccelli and a large "hamsa" of good augur, in the lower part. Nella parte superioriore, due personaggi, forse i due sposi,  be guarded, deal with two windows, make sure they remember one of the cases of Jerusalem, with its dome and its rounded window.

A Ketubah made for the wedding of Noemi Tedeschi to Joel Blanket, 1977. 

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