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Fernanda Luzzati in the garden of the family home in Genova. Fernanda is holding one of her pieces depicting St. George slaying the Dragon. Courtesy of Hadar family.  

Lele’s mother, Fernanda, was a very talented woman who used to paint portraits of family members and friends. At the time, it was very unacceptable for a young lady from a good family to pursue a career in art. And so, even though she did study art, after her marriage to Guido Luzatti, she neglected her paintings and took care of the children and of the home. Many years later, when Lele was already an established and known artist, he suggested she might make quilted art based on his own works. Lele gave her leftovers he had from costumes he designed for the theatre and opera, and she made them into lovely artworks she gave to family and friends.


Her works are like an archive for her son’s Art, but also stand alone as testimony to the great artist SHE could have been, in different circumstances.

Fernanda, the mother of Lele, era  gifted talent and face often withdrawn from parents and friends. In what period, it is not useless that the woman seeks to work or that she dedicates herself to professional level to any artistic activity. For this region, nonetheless, it has its own plans for drawing first aid, after all.  the matrimony with Guido Luzzati  part of the occupations in the artistic camp and are temporarily dedicated to directing the house and ad allevare i figli.  

Anni dopo, when the figure Lele era ormai un artist conosciuto e affermato, gli venne in mente di proporre alla madre di fare de lavori di ricamo con applications in stofa, una specie di collage, basati sui suoi disegni. Lele le portava gli avansi delle stofe che aveva usato per i costume theatrali, e lei con questi ritagli faceva gli stupendi lavori che vediamo qui, e che  regalava a parenti ed amici.  


I love Fernanda not only  are a species of archive of the Luzzati Opera in a theatrical and operatic camp, but are an artistic opera that stands and represents the talent of a woman who in various circus performs, will become a powerful artist for herself.

Fernanda Luzzati
Fernanda Luzzati, Decorative pillow. The figures are made of leftover fabrics from costumes and set designs Lele made for stage. Curtesy of Gadi and Jeanine Hadar.
Lele was not pleased with this particular design. He thought the kings belly turned out to big. Curtesy of Neomi Tedeschi Blanket.

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