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Lele and almost all his Nipoti, Kibbutz Ruhama.

Lele’s greatest love were the children of his two nephews- Gabriella’s sons. He called them “mie nipotu”- my nephews, and they called him “Dod Lele”. Gadi and Jeanin’s daughters, and Raffi and Ulla’s children (two daughters and a son), loved Dod Lele very much and enjoyed watching him paint. When he visited Israel or they visited him in Italy, he used to make small drawing for them. Sometimes the drawings were related to their names, other times to things they liked to do such as dance or row a boat.

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During one of their visits to Italy, Lele gave Gadi and Jeanin tickets to the ballet. they took their girls but Maya could not come. she was rather sad so Lele drew her a Pulcinella with a Tutu.  

Lele aveva legami molto stretti con la famiglia in Israele, soprattutto con  Gadi e Rafi, i figli di Gabriella.  Lui li chiamava "nipoti" e loro lo chiamavano Dod Lele- Zio Lele.

The figures of Gadi and Janine and the figures of Rafi and Ulla volevano molto bene a Dod Lele e si divertivano a starlo a guardare mentre desegnava. he said he was once a colleague in his name or in his sign of the zodiac, oppose what he faces divertire-  a Nurit, a design  sulle parole di una canzone per bambini, di Miriam Yelin Shtekelis: "Dani eroe ...", a Yael una barca ea Oren un aereo. A Maia un'ape (l'ape Maia) e  a ballerina, ad Anat fiori ea Liraz un desegno speciale, in cui ci sono lei e Lele, con sopra di loro un Pulcinella in veste di Cupido ... tutti con dedica, e firmati: Dod Lele.

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Danny Gibor / Miriam Yellin-Shtaklis

I gave a flower to a bulb,
Small and beautiful and blue.
I gave an apple to Nurit,
I gave it my all.

The apple ate the bulb,
The flower was thrown in the yard
And she went to play
With another child.

I'm not crying ever,
I am a hero, I will not weep!
But why is that, Mom, why
Are the tears crying on their own?

The children of Gadi and Raffi, around the working Lele. 
Maya's painting. 
"Lele and Liraz"
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