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Israel De Benedetti, a relative of Lele and Gabriella, also took part in the seminary at Tel Broshim and appears in the Haggadah by his Italian name- Corado. Together with Gabriella he also joined Kibbutz Ruhama, and although he served in all sorts of official positions that forced him to live outside of the kibbutz, he always returned to it.


His daughter, Arela Kedem, is a mosaics artist. She knew Lele all her life and remembers that as a child she didn’t like his works very much… they scared her. Later in life when she became an artist herself, she found great inspiration in Lele’s works. As tribute to him, she made a series of mosaics based on his works. The colorful glass and ceramics share the same vibrancy of Lele’s own paints- strong, bright! the texture of her materials also resemble Lele’s use of patterns and different materials for his own works.

Israel DeBenedetti, parent of Lele and Gabriella, were also part of the Hakhsharah of Tel Broshim, and in the haggadah compare col his Italian name, Corrado. Venuto a Ruhama con Gabriella, rimase semper di baseal kibbuz, nonostante le sue  many official offices, which are being moved temporarily to Tel Aviv or Italy. Una delle figlie sue e di Shoshanna z "l, nate e cresciute in kibbutz, si chiama Erela Kedem, ed è un 'artista che lavora col mosaico. paints of color and fantasy.With the passing of the years and with the development of his artistic career, Lele divenne  for its source of inspiration and model of imitation. This will also give them a collaboration, when Erela publishes a book of poetry for children with the  illustrations made by Lele.

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Lele, Erela created a series of mosaics,  based on the characters created by Lele, some of which can be seen by.  The colors of the stained glass and ceramics are the same as the colors of Lele, strong and beautiful of reflections, as well as the various surface surfaces and their amati collages.

Arella Kedem, Glass mosaics based on Lele's works. Israel, 2020. 
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