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A soldier


The status of Italian Jews had its ups and downs through the generations. There were times when Jews were treated well by their non-Jewish neighbors and by the authorities, and there were times when restrictions, taxes, and special duties were imposed on them. In some places in Italy the Jews were ordered to wear a round yellow badge called a "Ruota Gialla" - a yellow wheel. In other places the men were ordered to wear a red hat or scarf. With the granting of full equal rights to the Jews of Italy in the middle of the 19th century, and their departure from the last surviving ghettos, the Jews also had civil obligations such as military service. Most Jews rejoiced at the opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to the Kingdom of Italy and hurried to enlist. These Jews fought in wars and reached high positions in the army. Many of them won medals for their heroism and many fell in battle.


Every army in the world has uniforms designed for everyday use, uniforms for operational activities and ceremonial uniforms for special events. The festive uniforms of European armies are especially luxurious and often include epaulettes with gilded tassels and ribbons. The museum collection holds a set of copper epaulettes with golden tassels that formed part of the festive uniform of an officer in the Italian military. Besides the epaulettes, exhibited here is also a blue sash worn by soldiers diagonally on their chests. Another special accessory is the sword, which was given to officers even after swords ceased to be used as a weapon of war...


Soldiers and civilians who exhibited heroism or made a special contribution to the nation received medals and decorations. In Europe, there are several knightly orders, and in Italy, one of the most important is the Order of the Italian Crown, "Ordine Della Corona D'Italia". The King of Italy awarded the decoration to citizens who contributed exceptionally to the general society. The military and government awarded additional decorations.

Military coat
Italy, 1918-1930 (?)
Gift of Yitzhak Minervi, 2001
ON 1839

on 1998_1839.jpg

A soldier's hat

Italy, 20th century

Fabric, gilt threads, leather, gilt metal buttons

Gift of Yitzhak Minervi, 2006

ON 1998

ON 1998.jpg

A pair of epaulets and tassels

Italy, late 19th century

Copper and brass

Gift of Yael Sternhal, 2005

1978 ON

ON 1978abcd.jpg

Sword and sheath


1976 ON

ON 1976.jpg

Sword and sheath

Italy, early 20th century


Gift of Yael Sterntal, 2005

1976 ON

ON 1976_1.jpg
גסטון סונינו במדי חייל

Gaston Sonino in a soldier's uniform alongside Bruna Finzi (?) At the wedding of his sister Lucana Ravenna, Bologna, 1935 Ravenna Family Archive, Israel. 

A film, part of a soldier's dimensions

Italy, late 19th century


Gift of Yael Sterntal, 2005

1975 ON

ON 1975C.jpg
ON 2159.jpg

Set of medals for an officer, of the Italian Crown Order

Rome, Italy, late 19th century

Gold, silver, enamel, ribbon

Gift of Lionel Nefi Modona and Giuseppe Viterbo, 2010

ON 2159

ON 2349.jpg

Medals of honor bestowed on Camilo Artum

Italy, 1920-1931

Textiles and metal

A gift from Hagi and Edna Barazon

ON 2349

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