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"Who Knows One" is one of the best-known piyyutim in the Passover Haggadah. It was likely composed in the late Middle Ages, though its origin and the identity of its author are not known to us with certainty. Unlike many of the songs in the Haggadah, which are sung mainly in their original language - Hebrew or Aramaic - "Who Knows One" has received many translations, and there are versions in Ladino, Jewish-Arabic, English and even Italian. The piyyut consists of thirteen stanzas that refer to thirteen elements in the Jewish tradition from one - our God- to the thirteen Attributes of God's mercy, mentioned in the Book of Exodus. In fact, the piyyut mentions some of the foundations of the Jewish faith including the Sabbath, circumcision, and the Torah.

From the Tablets of the Covenant to the Three Fathers, the Torah, the Ten Commandments and the Twelve Tribes, the exhibition "Who Knows One" presents you with items related to each of the thirteen stanzas. Sometimes the connection between the items and the song will be clear and direct, and sometimes it requires a little flexibility of thought and creativity. Nevertheless, the exhibition "Who Knows One" presents a wide and interesting variety of items from the collection of the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, some of which are displayed here for the first time.

You are welcome to click on the song lines and discover the special items selected by the museum staff to represent the thirteen song stanzas.

Curator: Daniel Niv | Graphic Design: Shifi Rathaus | Photography: Rinat Sharabi

Assisted in Production: Reut Di Veroli, Rotem Gershoni and Leora Lewis-Weiss

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לחצנים_חמישה חומשי תורה.png
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