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Hanukkah at the museum

Silver and gold, copper and brass

Hanukkah for the whole family at the Museum of Italian Jewry

Sunday and Monday, December 29-30 | 10: 00-15: 00


Museum of Italian Jewry at a special Hanukkah happening for the whole family: a detective tour for children following the mysterious Hanukkah, an opera show for children and creative workshops combined with pottery, wood and pasta!


Detective mystery: A strange menorah was discovered in the museum's ancient menorah treasure, no one knows where it came from and what its story is. We will go on a detective tour following the mysterious menorah, on the way we will discover a Florentine palace, a two-headed eagle and a gilded clock that stopped a queen. If we manage to solve the mystery, we may also solve the riddle of the guard soldier's hat.


Craft workshops: which include building menorahs from pasta

Italian, pottery urn decorations, macrame work and more.

Children's Opera Show: An experiential journey into the magical world of opera through the children's fairy tales Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and more. We will find out how to tell a story in poetry, what a lion is and what a soprano voice is and we will listen together to the Hanukkah songs performed by a real opera singer.

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