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Hanukkah Lamp with Clock

Germany, end of 19th century

Silver repossessed cast and engraved,  CM

Gift of Vittorio and Gilda Pincerli, Milano.

Hanukkah lamp with lions

C bartender, late 19th century

Cast and engraved stamped silver,  Cm

Gift of Vittorio and Gilda Pincherley, Milan.

Perhaps one of the most original Hanukkah menorahs  in the collection is this "lion Menorah" which originated in  late 19th century Germany. The back panel is decorated with a motif similar to upholstery, and in its center a bouquet  of flowers and leaves. The edges of the menorah are decorated with a plant like motif as well.   

The wick holders are made in the shape of eight lions made of silver. Each lion sits in front of an arched alcove. The lions are graded by posts and chains and they look as if they are honorary guard lions of the lit Menorah. Their  silver mane done to perfection, their tales, resting closely to their bodies. 

Perhaps one of the most original menorahs is the Lion Menorah which originated in Germany. The back panel of the menorah is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of upholstery with flowers and leaves in the center. The edges of the menorah are also decorated with motifs from the plant. The wicks of this menorah come out of the mouths of eight silver lions arranged in a row against eight rounded niches on the back of the menorah.

The lions are bounded by pillars between which are stretched small silver chains. It seems as if the line of lions is guarding the Hanukkah candles, their silvery manes are beautifully arranged and they sit on their hind legs, their tails folded next to their bodies.

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