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Emanuele (Lele) Luzzati and his sister Gabriella Hadar. Curtesy of Gabriella Hadar and family.

Lele has one sister, Gabriella, who is seven years younger than him. The two always shared a special relationship. Gabriella talks a lot about her brother, and tells all sorts of stories about him. When she was young Lele used to do puppet shows for her and had to change all the tragic endings because Gabriella didn’t like them. Over the years Lele painted several portraits of his sister and through them we can see his own development as an artist. In the latest portrait in the group of painting presented here, we can already see the influence of other artists, such as Marc Chagall, on his developing style.

Alongside these portraits we have the illustrated letters Lele sent Gabriella. Their style is much less formal and more humorous.  

Oltre Lele, Fernanda and Guido Luzzati had another son, Gabriella, more than a year old; tra i due fratelli ci fu semper un rapport chaldo e intimo. Gabriella points out that Lele always faces the Burattini Theater, ed  usava cambiare in bene la fine delle storie, perchè lei non amava i sadcconti sad.  During Gabriella's infancy, Lele la retrasse spesso, e lo style dei retratti respecchia il suo sviluppo artisto, fino ad arrivare  allo personal style that lo contraddistingue. In retrospect, however, there is a noticeable difference in his style, with the influence of other artists, with whom Chagall is mainly.

Beyond the retreats being oil and water, they are also the letters used by Mandarle, who studied at Losanna; we have found small illustrations of love, which describe the events of student life.

Young Luzzati
Lele in action. The 1930’s. In this photo we can see another example of Lele’s early style.
Luzzati and his sister, studio photography, early 1930’s. 
A tiny portrait of Gabriella, the 1930's.
An illustrated letter Lele sent his sister for her birthday in 1941.
Portrait of Gabriella Hadar, late 1930's. 
An illustrated letter Lele sent his sister for her 12th birthday in 1940.
Gabriella reading a letter under a tree. Late 1930’s.
Detail of one of Lele’s Letters to Gabriella.
“Gabriella in a room” undated portrait of Gabriella in which we can see the influence of other artists on Lele’s work.  

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